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1 Game Of Thrones Finale Detail Is Really Weird After House Of The Dragon

One detail from the Game of Thrones finale just became really weird thanks to House of the Dragon and Aegon’s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy.

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon season 1, episode 1!

HBO’s House of the Dragon made 1 detail from the Game of Thrones finale really weird thanks to Aegon’s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy. Over three years after Game of Thrones season 8 ended, audiences are now able to return to Westeros thanks to the Targaryen-focused prequel. House of the Dragon Features a new batch of characters, but the prequel setting allows several major connections to be made. Familiar locations were seen again, while significant events to come were also foreshadowed. The most notable example came with House of the Dragon‘s reveal of Aegon Targaryen’s prophetic dream.


The Game of Thrones prequel takes place hundreds of years before the battle for the Iron Throne commenced amid the looming threat of the Night King. Viewers were introduced to various prophecies along the way, but House of the Dragon added a new one to the mix. House of the Dragon episode 1’s ending featured King Viserys I Targaryen telling his daughter and heir Rhaenyra about an ancient Targaryen prophecy. He explains that Aegon Targaryen had a prophetic dream about a terrible winter and a Targaryen being needed to unite Westeros against the threat. Aegon’s prophecy became known as A Song of Ice and Fire and inspired his conquest of Westeros, which enabled the Targaryen’s to rule for centuries.

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There are plenty of massive implications for House of the Dragon‘s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy, but it also makes Game of Thrones‘ ending even weirder thanks to Samwell Tarly. Game of Thrones‘finale saw Sam and Ebrose write a history book chronicling Westeros’ recent wars after Robert Baratheon’s assassination. The oddity here is that Sam names his book A Song of Ice and Fire. This was originally meant as a nod to author George RR Martin, as that is the title of his entire book series that Game of Thrones is based on. However, House of the Dragon‘s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy now means Sam’s book happens to have the exact same name as a legendary and secret Targaryen prophecy.

Did Sam Know About Aegon’s Song of Ice & Fire Prophecy?

Sam’s A Song of Ice and Fire book in the Game of Thrones finale could mean that the new Grand Maester knew about Aegon’s prophecy. It is too weird for him to name the book the exact same title as the prophecy that foretold much of the events. However, House of the Dragon indicates that Sam should not have any path to learning about it. Aegon’s dream is meant to be a secret passed down through the Targaryen heirs. Game of Thrones never referenced the prophecy or made any indication that anyone else knew about the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy by this point in time.

There is one potential loophole that can explain Sam knowing about House of the Dragon‘s Song of Ice and Fire prophecy and naming his book after it. Sam spent a lot of time with the Citadel and scouring the library for information on Walkers in Game of Thrones. It is known that he discovered some massive Targaryen secrets during his research, as this is where he learned from Jon Snow’s Targaryen lineage. If such a secret as the true heir to the Iron Throne was hidden in the Citadel’s library, a mention of Aegon’s dream may have also been included – especially if someone foresaw the Targaryen dynasty’s collapse and wanted to preserve Aegon’s A Song of Ice and Fire dream.

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