8 Video Game Moments Designed To Troll You

8 Video Game Moments Designed To Troll You

It’s never nice to be made fun of. Whether your new shirt hasn’t gone down a storm at the office like you’d hoped, or you’ve just slid down an embankment at school and now look like you’ve had explosive explosives, being mocked by your peers isn’t exactly something we’re in a rush to sign up for.

However, it’s a fact of life that as we are not perfect beings, we’ll slip up from time to time and give others ammunition to stuff into the mockery machine gun.

Yet, at least we have the lovely old escapism that is video games right? As after all who cares if you mess up there?

With infinite lives and checkpointing even life or death mistakes are now only measured in time spent getting back to that point, so let’s crack open the bubbly and have a great time!

Except there’s just one problem. That being developers who actively see your time as a plaything and have over the years found ways of making you waste it in utterly trollish means.

From collecting pointless objects for little to no reward, selling you one scenario only to present another and of course, killing you for veering off the beaten path despite suggesting it was a good idea, developers the world over have become trolls of the gaming world, and mean ones at that!

While he might look like butter wouldn’t melt in his overalls, The Mustachioed Nintendo Mascot known as Mario isn’t actually the type to wear a white cap (well outside of magical shape-shifting ones but they don’t count) seeing as he and his parent company have routinely mocked and cajoled their player base.

I mean just look at the whole “Super Mario 2 being Doki Doki Panic” exchange, where a Mario skin was basically slapped on top of an entirely different title and then paraded around as an official entry for the West. This resulted from the fact that Nintendo deemed the actual Super Mario sequel as being too difficult for American gamers and so did the old switcheroo to keep the big boo hoo babies happy.

However happy they were not when the ruse was discovered, as now audiences demanded they got the full experience, to with Nintendo obliged.

And by that I mean they released what should be known as Mario Maker’s precursor onto the world AKA a LIVING HELL OF TROLLING MOMENTS, (hello poison mushroom in the first box you find) the pinnacle of which was found in World 3-1.

Here the player could leap over the flagpole at the end of the stage rather easily, and rather than question this, gamers dashed onwards to what surely was going to be a warp pipe quick skip to another later level.

What they found however was the exact opposite in that it was a pipe that sent them all the way back to World 1-1.

Oh, Nintendo. please stop. I’m already dead.

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