Akuma's Full Story Leading into Street Fighter 6

Akuma’s Full Story Leading into Street Fighter 6

He definitely isn’t a fan of the main spotlight, but despite that fact Akuma has proven to be one of the most popular and prominent characters in all of Street Fighter. The demonic warrior is one of the most commonly seen characters across not only Street Fighter titles, but also crossover and guest appearances over the years.

Though he’s not been officially revealed for Street Fighter 6 yet, we’d be exceedingly surprised if Capcom didn’t eventually bring Akuma to their next game. We’ve put together a video covering the events of his story throughout the franchise timeline leading up to SF6 as well as imagining what directions developers may take him in next.

As we’ve begun exploring the deeper stories of characters like Ryu and Chun-Liwe’ve noticed that Capcom has given more canonical development and significance to some characters over others.

Akuma, though with plenty more backstory than most, has been widely an actor on the stage of Ryu’s tale. That’s not the worst thing as Ryu does stand, in many ways, as the heart of the franchise, but it also means that Akuma hasn’t seen as much development as he might have otherwise.

In fact, the most detailed and intriguing bits of his history take place before Ryu was even born as he and his brother, Gouken, trained under their master, Goutetsu.

The brothers would take opposite paths with Akuma going down the darker side with a philosophy that prioritizes power over virtually everything else. It gets even darker in the fact that said power is displayed through the defeating and killing of worthy opponents… something that has turned Akuma into a monster in the eyes of the society around him.

Even still, all of this set up seems to have been in service for the role Akuma would play in Ryu’s story as the latter has long wrestled with an inner struggle to either embrace this same power-centric philosophy and thus its immediate benefits or aim for transcendence through balance.

Seeing great potential in Ryu during an early encounter, Akuma allows the young fighter to live and tell (threatens) him to embrace the killing intent and become as powerful.

That’s kind of where things have stayed over the last 20 years or so as Ryu has continued his struggle and Akuma has mostly remained in the canonical shadows. He doesn’t have much impact at all in the events of Street Fighters 2, 4, 5, or 3, but has persisted as a somewhat tangential character.

Indeed, Akuma tends to be released sometime after initial release dates as he joined Street Fighter 2 in the Super Turbo update, Street Fighter 3 in the Second Impact update, and Street Fighter 5 at the start of its second season.

While he’s done just fine as a hidden boss and usually extremely competitively viable character, we’d hope to see Capcom use Akuma’s influence and prestige in their main story lines once again. You can hear the particulars in the video below.

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00:00 – Intro
00:39 – The Early Days
02:33 – Street Fighter Alpha
03:50 – Street Fighters 2, 4, 5, and 3
05:59 – Where is he now?
06:42 – Where might he go in Street Fighter 6?


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