AMD & NVIDIA Prepare For A More Brutal Round of GPU Price Cuts For September To Clear Away Inventories Fast 1

AMD & NVIDIA Partners Ready To Offer More Brutal Price Cuts On GPUs In September, Current Cuts Not Moving Inventory As Expected

A few days ago, we reported that AMD & NVIDIA were prepping up new price cuts for their GPUs which would be issued by their partners. However, it looks like the most recent price cuts haven’t done particularly well in moving inventory and as such, both companies are now preparing for a more brutal round of price cuts, promotions, and discounts on their existing lineup.

AMD & NVIDIA Prepare For A More Brutal Round of GPU Price Cuts For September To Clear Away Inventories Fast

The latest report comes from MyDrivers who are quoting industry sources within Taiwan and a major Taiwanese Economic news outlet. It is stated that the current round of price cuts hasn’t moved inventory in a way that AMD & NVIDIA plus their partners hoped for. As such, a second round of price cuts is underway, one which will exceed the price drops we have seen so far on current-gen GPUs. Following is the statement:

The sound of graphics card price cuts has been heard for a long time, but many users are not aware of it. According to the revelations of Taiwan Economic Daily, the main reason is that manufacturers are still discussing better preferential measures with dealers.

According to the latest news from Taiwan Economic Daily, the industry’s destocking is not as good as expected. Graphics card manufacturers will start a new wave of price cuts from September, mainly NVIDIA and AMD products, and the price cuts will far exceed the previous efforts, which can be better to alleviate cost pressures.

MyDrivers (Machine Translated)

These new price cuts are said to take place in September and will mainly be imposed by AIBs on their existing stock of chips. NVIDIA & AMD have asked their partners, both board partners, and retailers, to get rid of excess inventory of GPUs to make room for the next generation. NVIDIA is already working on clearing away its stock with CEO, Jensen Huang, stating that they will be doing so over the next few quarters.

The situation of the excess inventory isn’t expected to improve till 2023 considering the economic position and overall lower demand within the PC segment. Plus, with crypto floods making several used GPUs enter the market, there’s little reason for consumers to buy a brand new graphics card this late in their lifecycle. The previous price cuts are already being offered on various GPUs from AMD & NVIDIA But for those who have really been looking to buy a graphics card & can’t hold it off till next-gen, I suggest you wait till next month to see what kind of price cuts are coming in next for you.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the AMD Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce GPU prices will continue to drop across the board and there are also some major price cuts expected by the end of this month so don’t be shocked if those RTX 3090s drop below $1000 US in a few weeks.

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