Barbie Ferreira left 'Euphoria' over tension with Sam Levinson

Barbie Ferreira left ‘Euphoria’ over tension with Sam Levinson

Barbie Ferreira allegedly dropped out of East Highland High School over a feud with the creator of “Euphoria.”

Rumors swirled for months that the actress, who played Kat Hernandez in the HBO series until her recent departuredid not get along with Sam Levinson, and now an insider who worked on Season 2 confirmed the hearsay in an interview with radio host Zach Sang.

“Allegedly, she was having a lot of problems with Sam. Sam is a very specific type of director, and Barbie was just not able to handle it,” claimed the source, who had his voice modified to protect his identity.

“She just couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen.”

Barbie Ferreira and Sam Levinson
Barbie Ferreira allegedly departed “Euphoria” over a feud with creator Sam Levinson.
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The insider went on to allege that Levinson, 37, was “making [cast members] cry” while working and would “scream at them” frequently to be able to “get the emotions out of them while they were on set.”

“It was just a disaster,” the source claimed, “but what I can tell you about Barbie is she don’t clean up after her damn cats,” adding that Ferreira’s trailer was full of “cat piss everywhere.”

Barbie Ferreira
The actress recently announced she was leaving the HBO show.

When asked whether the hairless cat contributed to 25-year-old Ferreira’s departure, the talked source about her claimed negative attitude.

“It was that attitude of hers. These kids. Let me tell you something, honey. These kids get picked off the streets randomly discovered by the queen [casting director] Jennifer Venditti, and of course their ego is just off the roof,” the insider explained.

“They’re in the second-biggest show in HBO history, and they think they’re all that. They forget this is a job.”

The insider also claimed that contracts for Season 3 were being sent out and that producers were “keeping an eye on” certain cast members to see if they were “worth it” to bring back.

Reps for HBO, Ferreira and Levinson did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

Ferreira, whose presence became a mere afterthought in Season 2, announced Wednesday that she would not be returning to the controversial show.

“After four years of getting to embody the most special and enigmatic character Kat, I’m having to say a very teary eyed goodbye,” the “Nope” actress wrote in an emotional Instagram Story post. “I hope many of you could see yourself in her like I did, and that she brought you joy to see her journey into the character she is today.”


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