Bill Nye Shares Thoughts On 'Painfully' Accurate 'Don't Look Up'

Bill Nye Shares Thoughts On ‘Painfully’ Accurate ‘Don’t Look Up’

Bill Nye found the apocalyptic comedy film “Don’t Look Up“frighteningly realistic, but he fears many people didn’t really get it.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the irony of ‘Don’t Look Up’ is lost on the people it was really intended for because it is so painfully close to what’s happening right now,” Nye said in a USA Today story Thursday.

He said the recent Netflix movie, which satirized the global response to climate change, was “prereaching to the choir,” though he praised its portrayal of science.

Nye’s new show, “The End Is Nye,” is a docuseries that focuses on disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

“I get killed at the end of the first half of every show,” he told E! News this month. “But then, with television, I come back and we have this optimism view of the future and we convey it.”


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