britney spears in her slumber party video

Britney Spears Deleted Instagram, Moved To Twitter And Dropped A Bikini Video To Celebrate

Britney Spears deleted her ultra-popular Instagram account late last week, leaving many fans wondering what her future plans on social media might be. Well, a few days and a few posts later, it has become clear we can likely expect a lot of the same from the pop star, just on Twitter instead of Instagram. After not dropping any tweets for more than seven months, Spears has given fans five, including a thread, since leaving Instagram.

Among those posts getting the most attention is one Spears dropped last night. It’s a roughly thirty second clip that features the beloved singer pulling off a really sharp looking white coat and revealing a red bikini underneath. She then walks toward the camera, as music plays in the background. Also in the background at the beginning of the clip is a cat playing, and of course, people can’t get enough of that little rascal either. You can watch the video below…

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