Destiny 2's Resilience Arc 3.0 Bug Is One Of Its Worst Ever

Destiny 2’s Resilience Arc 3.0 Bug Is One Of Its Worst Ever

While this bug has been going on since the launch of Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder, I didn’t really experience it in full until I ran the King’s Fall raid last night. And when I mentioned it, I saw a lot of other people had not yet gotten the memo about the bug’s existence, despite Bungie announcing already they’re looking into it.

What’s going on is that the mandatory Resilience stat, which became last season where 100 stats there equals 40% damage reduction in PvE, is simply no longer working at all on Arc 3.0 Warlocks and Titans specifically. Hunters avoided this somehow, apparently.

You may notice it a bit in normal seasonal content like Expeditions or Ketchcrash, but it is really noticeable when you do harder content like the raid or stuff at a higher power level. I was trying to run arc 3.0 Warlock last night during the raid, and I barely dragged myself through Totems. When I got to Warpriest and realized that I was too much of a liability, potentially dying to mobs with what I can only describe as a serious health debuff.

The bug seems to go above and beyond just turning Resilience off, as I feel like it almost makes you take more damage than you would have before Resilience was changed to a damage-reducing stat. I’ve essentially never felt this squishy outside of GMs or Master content. A theory is that since Bungie bases most base stat values ​​on Tier 3 (30) stats, that if Resilience truly has “shut off” and is at zero on Warlock and Titan, that you may be taking even more damage than you might otherwise.

I consider this an especially bad bug because A) it’s subtle, and you might not even understand it’s happening unless you read an article like this, and you may think you’re just playing more carelessly and dying more, or Bungie made encounters harder. And B) I mean, it’s essentially killing two of three arc 3.0 subclasses, the brand new ones everyone wants to use, until it’s fixed.

Bungie does know this issue exists. They posted about it four days ago before the raid race started, but even with two hotfixes since then, it still has not been patched, from what I can tell, and my experience raiding last night:

So essentially I wanted to write this post as a warning to those who had not yet gotten the memo, that if you feel weak or are dying more on arc 3.0 Warlock or Titan, you are not alone and this is a legitimate issue. It’s one that is not all that easily remedied because you are essentially wasting all the stats you have in Resilience right now, whether that’s 50 or 100, meaning you can’t just shift your build around to make it better. This increased incoming damage will be there no matter what you do.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, because it’s very, very bad.

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