Ezra Miller met with Warner Bros.  to make nice about The Flash

Ezra Miller met with Warner Bros. to make nice about The Flash

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller
Photo: John Phillips (Getty Images)

Warner Bros.’ current PR problem with The Flash star Ezra Miller—aka “PR Problem No. 834 Afflicting Warner Bros. Discovery At The Moment”—may have reached a certain level of detente at last. Per THRMiller (who’s been the subject of a veritable Joker-level of reports of lawsuits and alleged criminal behavior over the last few years), reportedly met with studio executives Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy this week, promising that they’re taking their recent pledge to seek help for mental health issues (and, thus, presumably, create less bad buzz for the film due to them) seriously.

As THR notes, the meeting, which also featured Miller’s agent, Scott Metzger, took place on the same day as one of those Batgirl funeral screenings that the creators of that shuttered movie have been holding on the Warner Bros. lot; a number of people have pointed out a double standard in the way that film has been killed for not much more reason than being a handy tax write-offwhile Miller’s movie is apparently being kept alive at all costs, despite the increasing number of headlines featuring their name.

The issues surrounding Miller have been diverse and strange, for sure they’ve picked up an approach loud and disturbing series of accusations and counter-accusations. What’s not abstract, though, is the effect that it’s all had on perceptions of The Flashcreating serious questions about whether the film—a major part of Warner’s ongoing efforts to reassemble its superhero franchises into a coherent core—will hold stable until its June 23, 2023 release date.

Miller offered up a public apology in mid-Augustalong with a pledge to work on their mental health in an effort to reduce the number of “Ezra Miller terrorizes small island state” headlines that’ve been flooding the internet of late. The actor (who, according to an anonymous source, loves playing The Flash, and doesn’t want to lose the part) presumably said as much to De Luca and Abdy, who recently made the move from MGM to the newly jammed-together Warner Bros. Discovery. The film itself is in post-production; Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has said he’s seen a cut of the movie, budgeted at $200 million, and was happy with the result.


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