FlawlessDeku's Jamie takes on a 'clean Ryu player' in some of the most intense Street Fighter 6 matches we've seen so far

FlawlessDeku’s Jamie takes on a ‘clean Ryu player’ in some of the most intense Street Fighter 6 matches we’ve seen so far

We’ve already seen that FlawlessDeku has put in quite a bit of time into Street Fighter 6 via the demo that has surfaced at certain events. It already appears that this is a player that’s developed a strong understanding on how to play Street Fighter 6 despite the public’s limited access to the game.

In his most recent video, FlawlessDeku ended up taking on a “clean Ryu player that shows off some of the best gameplay for the character to date,” according to FlawlessDeku himself. Indeed, it’s clear that both players had to really put emphasis into their footsies games to get the upper hand.

At one point in the video, the Ryu player was able to whiff punish Jamie with a crouching medium punch which was then canceled into the EX Jodan Sokutou Geri (the Donkey Kick). Despite the distance between the two characters, the combo was able to connect for a full wall bounce.

Overall, it looked as though Jamie was having a little bit of difficulty dealing with Ryu’s fireball game. This is certainly a nice change of pace compared to Street Fighter 5’s Ryu, but Jamie was still able to employ the dive kick to catch the other player off guard.

Needless to say, this resulted in an intense set where both players needed to keep adapting to keep the others on their toes. As a result, it’s a good video that really showcases what Ryu and Jamie can do in Street Fighter 6.

Check it out below:


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