Ford Has Bad News for EV Buyers

Ford Has Bad News for EV Buyers

Ford (F) did not want to upset its customers and future buyers of electric vehicles.

As consumers grapple with soaring prices for virtually everything from groceries to basic necessities to gallons of gas at the pump, the automaker has opted for a phased strategy to announce increases prices of its electric vehicles.

On August 9, the group from Dearborn, Michigan, announced an increase in the price of the F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the iconic F-150 pickup. These price increases were between $6,000 and $8,500 depending on the model. The base price of the F-150 Lightning model year 2023 thus climbed between $47,000 and $97,000, compared to approximately $40,000 to $92,000 for model year 2022 vehicles. These prices obviously exclude taxes, delivery and other charges.


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