Moviegoers settle for The Invitation at a bad weekend box office

Moviegoers settle for The Invitation at a bad weekend box office

The Invitation

The Invitation
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Boy, that surprise Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero bump sure was nice, but as any Dragon Ball fan knows, any exciting thing must be followed by a few episodes of boring things so the good guys can power up for another exciting battle. So it’s actually a cool bit of fan service that Super Hero has fallen nearly 80 percent in its second week, going from first to fifth and coming in with $4.5 million (just enough to crack $30 million total)… or it will be if the movie comes back later with a powered-up Ultra Instinct box office that is even bigger. Otherwise it’s just the normal thing lately where a movie opens big and then falls off.

Along with Super Hero‘s fall, everything else has dropped as well. In fact, the total gross for this weekend’s box office is one of the lowest of the entire year, going back to January when we were all still worried about COVID variants instead of pretending they don’t exist (we say some version of that in these stories a lot, but that’s just because it’s the most useful way to demarcate time). The top spot went to The Invitationwhich opened to an even $7 million, followed by a revitalized Bullet Train with $5.6 million (a total of nearly $80 million after four weeks) and then Best with $4.9 million.

In the fourth place is something called Top Gun: Maverick (we’ve never heard of it either) with $4.7 million and a total of $691 million (nice). Then we have Dragon Ballwhich we already mentioned (try to keep up, okay?), and then DC League Of Super-Petsnewcomer Three Thousand Years Of Longing (a rough start for George Miller’s latest), Minions: The Rise Of Ru, Thor: Love And Thunderand Where The Crawdads Sing (hanging on to the top 10 for seven weeks and hitting $80 million, which is a respectable achievement).

The full top 10 list is repeated below, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

  1. The Invitation
  1. Bullet Train
  2. Best
  3. Top Gun: Maverick
  4. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
  5. DC League Of Super-Pets
  6. Three Thousand Years Of Longing
  7. Minions: The Rise Of Gru
  8. Thor: Love And Thunder
  9. Where The Crawdads Sing


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