New movies to stream from home this week

New movies to stream from home this week


The character Kevin Hart plays in the comedy”Me Time“is a variant of his role in”The Man From Toronto”: an average joe in over his head. That’s not a subtle crack about the actor’s height. In these two movies — like so much of his résumé, serviceably amusing vehicles for his outsize talent — Hart makes for a towering comedic presence. In other words, he often stands head and shoulders above the material he’s given — in this case, a shaggy dog ​​story by writer-director John Hamburg (“I Love You, Man”). Here, Hart plays Sonny Fisher, a stay-at-home dad who excels at caring for two cute kids (Che Tafari and Amentii Sledge); his high-powered architect wife, Maya (Regina Hall); and their pet tortoise. But when Sonny’s oldest friend, Huck (Mark Wahlberg), turns 44, Maya talks a reluctant Sonny into taking a break from dad duty to attend the Burning Man-like blowout Huck has planned in Death Valley, complete with matching tracksuits, a sweat lodge , yurts and a guest list of supercool 20-somethings. (Sonny does not feel worthy of Huck, whose wild lifestyle is everything Sonny’s is not.) The discursive story takes many twists and turns and features funny supporting performances from Jimmy O. Yang as a violent loan shark, Shira Gross as his Israeli enforcer and Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as an Uber driver who becomes Sonny and Huck’s accomplice in their ensuing misadventures. It’s a familiar odd-couple comedy. But true to its name, the focus of “Me Time” is all on Hart. R. Available on Netflix. Contains some sexual material, brief strong language and drug use. 104 minutes.

Jena Malone plays an adult woman who is Irredeemably estranged from her biological mother and father and puts herself up for adoption by another couple in “Adopting Audrey.” The film was inspired by the true story of Jenna MacFarlane, who at the age of 43 solicited adoption by “mature parents.” Unrated. Available on demand. 92 minutes.

The documentaryKatrina Babies“looks at the legacy of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, as reflected in the lives of survivors who were children at the time of the storm. According to the Guardian, the film, which was directed by Edward Buckles Jr. — himself a Katrina survivor at 13 — “feels especially potent following the pandemic — which had a greater impact on the Black community — and the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.” If unchecked, the Guardian writes, “how are today’s youth going to absorb these traumas?” Unrated. Available on HBO Max. 79 minutes.

After being dumped by her fiance, a woman (Nicky Whelan) decides to use her prepaid island honeymoon as an ill-advised vacation in “Manager.” The shark-attack thriller killed also stars country singer Trace Adkins as a man — distraught after his daughter has been by a shark — who takes matters (and a shotgun) into his own hands when the authorities are slow to act. R. Available on demand. Contains strong language, some violence and gore. 86 minutes.

From writer-director Neil LaBute (“Your Friends and Neighbors”), “Out of the Blue” tells the story of Marilyn (Diane Kruger), a married woman whose affair with ex-con Connor (Ray Nicholson) takes a dark turn when the two start contemplating murdering Marilyn’s wealthy businessman husband. Hank Azaria also stars as Connor’s suspicious parole officer. R. Available on demand. Contains sex, strong language and some violence. 104 minutes.

In the romantic comedy “That’s Amor,“A woman (Riley Dandy) loses her job and relationship on the same day, only to meet a handsome Spanish chef (Isaac Gonzalez Rossi) who introduces some spice in her life. TV-14. Available on Netflix. 96 minutes.

The documentaryUntrapped: The Story of Lil Baby” follows the rising career of rapper Dominique Armani Jones, known as Lil Baby. R. Available on Amazon. Contains crude language and material related to drugs and sex. 90 minutes.

In the spirit of ”Boys State‘the documentary’The Youth Governor” goes behind the scenes of an annual California civics program in which teenagers, over four months, campaign for the title of “youth governor” of America’s most populous state and run a simulated government. R. Available on Amazon and Apple TV Plus. 86 minutes.

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