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Nikki Glaser Goes Full Shock and Awe While Roasting Trump, Biden, Gaetz, Everyone Else – Rolling Stone

Comedian showed off her insult comedy skills while guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live

Comedian Nikki Glaser delivered an exhibition in insult comedy with a segment speed roasting politicians while co-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, Aug. 25.

Starting, of course, with Donald Trump, Glaser acknowledged there wasn’t much one could say about Trump that he hadn’t already heard. “Oh, I know,” Glaser suddenly realized, “Yes, I’d love to have sex with you! … At least we now know the answer to the question, what if a bloated factory-farm pig corpse could grab your pussy?”

Glaser kept things pretty bipartisan as she ran through the most prominent politicians of the day. Joe Biden is so old that, if elected to a second term, “Hell be the first president in his 80s and the first president to be assassinated by a slick bathtub.” Mike Pence “is so boring and white, CBS just picked him up for three more seasons.” And Glaser’s theory as to why current Vice President/former prosecutor Kamala Harris hasn’t been around much lately? “She’s herself to jail. I think she just missed the rush of putting an innocent person behind bars.”

Lindsey Graham earned the honor of one of Glaser’s most debilitating burns, quipping, “Graham is not just his last name, it’s also how much meth he gives his boy sex workers as a tip.” Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg was a true trailblazer, proving that “just because you’re gay does not mean you’re cool.” And Matt Gaetz, Glaser cracked, “was the only guy whose forehead is taller than all of his girlfriends. You know, you’d think he’d have better hair for someone so good at grooming.”

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