One UI 5.0 lets you disable RAM Plus, Samsung's virtual RAM feature

One UI 5.0 lets you disable RAM Plus, Samsung’s virtual RAM feature

Last updated: August 26th, 2022 at 15:44 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s virtual RAM feature for Galaxy smartphones and tablets will improve with the release of One UI 5.0. It seems like every significant One UI update has added something new to RAM Plusand One UI 5.0 will finally allow customers to disable this feature entirely.

RAM Plus debuted on the Galaxy A52s 5G in 2021, and when it did, it lacked any user options. The feature essentially reserved 4GB of storage to use as virtual RAM by default. Although users couldn’t choose the amount of storage they could convert into virtual RAM initially, Samsung later released One UI 4.1 and updated RAM Plus to give customers this option.

Now, Samsung intends to put even more control in the hands of the users with the upcoming One UI 5.0 update.

One UI 5.0 should allow Galaxy device users to disable RAM Plus

Samsung should soon let Galaxy device users disable RAM Plus if they so desire. This addition was hinted at in the first One UI 5.0 beta firmware but was inactive.

However, the second One UI 5.0 beta update that rolled out earlier this week introduces the option to disable RAM Plus entirely. The process requires a device reboot, and in essence, it allows customers to use Galaxy smartphones equipped with plenty of RAM to save some storage that would otherwise be reserved for RAM Plus.

Keep in mind that some features are subject to change throughout the One UI beta testing period, so there’s no absolute guarantee that the option to disable RAM Plus will be available in the first One UI 5.0 public build once it goes live. But all signs so far point to Samsung wanting to give customers this choice.

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