'Only Murders In The Building' Explains Oscar's Absence In Season 2

‘Only Murders In The Building’ Explains Oscar’s Absence In Season 2

Fans have definitely noticed that Oscar, played by Aaron Dominguezwas missing in the newest season of Only Murders In The Building.

During the first season of the Hulu series, it was hinted that Oscar had started a relationship with Mabel (Selena Gomez), however, he wasn’t seen at all during the new season.

Now, the showrunner, John Hoffmanis revealing why.

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According to JohnOscar was quietly written out of this season.

“I love Aaron,” he explained in a new interview with Deadline. “We made a call that we didn’t want to see Mabel develop a relationship where the trauma bond is strong.”

If you recall, Oscar and Mabel suffered two major losses in the show so far – with Oscar being in jail for Zoe’s death before he was released, and then with the death of Tim Kono. The four were friends in their teen years.

John added that “With all that Oscar had gone through with going to jail for murder, we thought his leaving made sense.”

“I think they keep in touch and I won’t say it’s not something that won’t come back around in some way because he was a part of her life,” he said. “I’m really proud of Mabel and how she worked through some difficult stuff with Theo, she was victorious. Now, she’s a woman with a new purpose who is stronger and even goes on to solve the case.”

While Aaron is missing, the season two finale did confirm that This major star was joining the series.

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