Snapchat rolls out its BeReal-esque dual camera feature

Snapchat rolls out its BeReal-esque dual camera feature

Snapchat is adding a new feature to its main camera, allowing users to capture photo and video using the front- and back-facing cameras on their phones at the same time.

The dual camera feature was initially announced back in April As part of Snapchat’s to-be-released director mode, which will give users access to a wider range of creative tools. The dual camera feature is coming directly to Snapchat just as BeReal — the nostalgia-tinged photo sharing app using both cameras — is breaking into the mainstream.

Part of BeReal’s appeal is in the relatively minimal set of features and the mundanity of what users see when they open the app. It only supports images, there’s just one layout for pictures, and it doesn’t include any editing tools. Snapchat’s version is more robust than what BeReal offers. For one, users can pick from several different layout options, including windows stacked vertically, side by side, picture in picture (the most similar to BeReal), and cutout. Snap also says users will be able to add lenses, stickers, and music to their content captured with the dual camera setting.

Image: Snapchat

Dual camera is available on iOS starting today, with Android following in the coming months.

Other platforms have jumped in to try to take advantage of the appeal of BeReal. Last week, leakers noticed that Instagram was testing something called IG Candid, which apparently prompts users to snap a picture using both cameras at a specific time of day, just like BeReal. Meta said it was an internal test only.

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