Southwest Airlines Roasted for Giving Passengers Ukuleles

Southwest Airlines Roasted for Giving Passengers Ukuleles

  • Southwest Airlines and Guitar Center are getting dragged on Twitter over a publicity stunt.
  • The airline gave every passenger a ukulele on a flight from Long Beach to Honolulu.
  • Twitter users mocked Southwest for the ruckus that a plane full of ukulele players would have caused.

Southwest Airlines is getting dragged on Twitter for giving out ukuleles to a flight full of passengers traveling from Long Beach to Honolulu.

The airline posted a photo on Twitter on Tuesday that showed ukuleles and colorful guitar cases being laid out on a row of airline seats.

The airline wrote that it had “teamed up with @guitarcenter to surprise a flight full of Customers flying out of Long Beach with a ukulele and a lesson.”

“By the time they arrived in Honolulu they were pros,” Southwest Airlines wrote on its Twitter account.

“Don’t worry, y’all, everyone put their ukuleles away after 20 minutes since they had already mastered how to play,” the airline added in another tweet.

According to a Guitar Center press release, the in-flight ukulele course took place on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 flight on September 16. During the flight, passengers were taught how to play the song “Hello, Aloha. How are you?” by instructors from the musical instrument retailer.

The flight appears to be part of an ongoing marketing campaign. Southwest is holding a sweepstakes in collaboration with Guitar Center, which gives entrants the chance to win a roundtrip flight on Southwest Airlines and two Guitar Center ukuleles.

The tweet caused a stir on Twitter, with people piling in to share their reactions to the prospect of a plane full of ukuleles.

“Me when my noise-cancelling headphones won’t work against 200 ukuleles,” wrote Twitter user Andys_Brain.

“I am a big fan of Southwest, but this might have made me homicidal,” wrote The Atlantic journalist Tom Nichols on Twitter.

“What if you didn’t want to hear a cacophony of ukuleles? What if you just wanted to sit in silence for the entire flight and watch TV or read, like a regular flight?” questioned a Twitter user with the ID BenBaena.

Some other Twitter users pointed out how beginner ukulele players might not have been the best at playing the instrument.

“Trapped thousands of feet in the air with 180 people strumming ukuleles they don’t know how to play sounds like the opposite of “fun”…” wrote Twitter user Eddie_NYC.

Representatives for Guitar Center and Southwest Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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