Teppen Jurassic Rampage Recruits Dino Crisis Characters

Teppen Jurassic Rampage Recruits Dino Crisis Characters

It seems Capcom thinks there’s a future for Dino Crisis in the cards…literally.Digital card-battler Teppen is getting its own Dino Crisis-themed card pack, called Jurassic Rampage. In it, Dino Crisis characters Regina and Gail join the playable roster. Teppen Jurassic Rampage will also have its own story missions, that build on the game’s previous trilogy event.

Check out the cinematic trailer for the expansion below.

Teppen Jurassic Rampage tells the tale of what happens when Dino Crisis‘ resident mad scientist Edward Kirk gets his hands on the powerful “Third Energy”. Spoiler: The result is dinosaurs. Pulled in from beyond time and space, invasive dinosaur species have invaded and disrupted the island’s ecology. Government agents from all over have converged on the island to duke it out for possession of the new power. Some of the cards feature Regina and Gail interacting with other Capcom characters, such as “Agents Alliance”, a card showing off Regina fighting alongside Resident Evil‘s Leon

Gungho and Capcom also revealed the card properties for the Teppen Jurassic Rampage playable characters, Regina and Gail.

In Dino Crisis, Regina is a special intelligence operative attached to the Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT). She infiltrated Ibis Island to find and return Edward Kirk to custody, only to find the island overrun with prehistoric reptiles. In TeppenRegina is a Human Tribe character with the ability to spread additional damage points around when she attacks the enemy Hero.

Team leader of SORT, Gail was separated from Regina during the raid on Ibis Island. Unbeknownst to his teammates, Gail had a second objective in addition to apprehending Dr. Kirk: To obtain as much data as possible about Third Energy to aid in its weaponization by the government. As a Teppen Jurassic Rampage card, Gail can damage a facing unit as soon as he enters the field. When set to invade, he can deal damage to all enemies.

Teppen is available on iOS and Android. The Jurassic Rampage card pack launches on September 1, 2022.

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