The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Falls Apart During Moon Opposite Jupiter On August 29, 2022

While the headline here may not make us jump up and down for joy, there is some truth here and we who ‘know’ know, as they say. In other words, if our love lives are up on the chopping block, then we probably already know it’s going to happen.

Love lives don’t just fall apart for no reason at alland by the time we get to experience the true tragedy behind it all, we can basically assume we knew we had it coming.

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Moon opposition Jupiter can act as a big, beautiful mirror that shines back at us and expands on what we are made of. This transit is all about broad insight; we can see both sides, far and wide, and this may also let us see something that we wanted to hide from sight.

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If our love lives have been teetering — in any way — it will get its ultimate push over the cliff by Moon’s opposition to Jupiter. This transit is like a vacuum cleaner; the intentions are good, and we want clean spaces but with the Moon opposite to Jupiter, we get a total clear out and that might mean the end of our romance.

If our love lives are to literally fall apart, then the damage was done a long time ago and we only have to live out the fate that was designed through our previous actions.

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