The Rock marks 20 years since Brock feud, but we're stuck on one detail

The Rock marks 20 years since Brock feud, but we’re stuck on one detail

As he often does, this morning (Aug. 27) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reflected on a big milestone from his life & career with an Instagram post. This time it was the 20th anniversary of Rock dropping the WWE Undisputed championship to a young Brock Lesnar back at SummerSlam 2002.

The Great One puts over Lesnar, the pro wrestling tradition of passing the torch, and his love of the whole business. Along the way, he reminds us that main event on Long Island was the end of his full-time career as a pro wrestler. Which means his full-time career as a WWE Superstar only last six years!

Johnson adds a caveat about his part-time run with John Cena in the early 2010s, which is when he won one of his 10 World championships. But that means he won nine of those, and two Intercontinental titles, and became a five time tag champ, and won a Royal Rumble in between debuting at Survivor Series 1996 and making Hollywood his first priority in ’02. This summana Brahma Bull is on a lot of people’s Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestling — and understandably so — despite only being in the business full-time for six years.

As the man says, that’s wildy incomprehensible. It’s also impressive as hell.

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