These combos with Ryu and Chun-Li are shown to deal massive damage in Street Fighter 6

These combos with Ryu and Chun-Li are shown to deal massive damage in Street Fighter 6

While I’m sure many of us have been itching to try the Street Fighter 6 demo for ourselves, the demo has thus far only been available at certain live events. Still, simply watching for gameplay clips for the purpose of dissecting the game’s mechanics and interactions before release is probably the next best thing.

Recently, a couple of clips surfaced that give us a bit of an idea on how much damage Ryu and Chun-Li are capable of in the current version of the Street Fighter 6 demo. Given the right circumstances, the damage output of Street Fighter 6 feels similar to that of Street Fighter 5’s.

First off, we get a glimpse of the danger of whiffing a throw in front of Ryu thanks to Javits Arias. Thanks to the new “Punish Counter” mechanic, it seems that Ryu is able to use his stand heavy kick as a deadly combo starter since it will seemingly crumple the opponent in this situation.

Since “EX specials” (Overdrive) is now tied to the Drive Gauge and separated from the super meter, it’s possible to combo an EX Hashogeki (crumples), into an EX Joudan Sokutogeri (wall bounces), into a Dragon Punch canceled into Ryu’s level 3 super.

As for Chun-Li, a clip uploaded by Matthew Edwards demonstrates how the character is able to link together a combo that consists of her level 2 and level 1 supers. It seems that whoever performed this combo was able to remember that level 1 and level 2 supers normally can’t be canceled from normal specials. Meter from the Drive Gauge must be spent for this to happen.

Regardless, Chun-Li is then able to pull off a three-hit string in the air before canceling into her aerial level 1 super. In total, she hit the opponent for a 32 hit combo for the win against the AI.


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