UPS Grows Boeing 767 Fleet To Over 100 Aircraft With New Order

UPS has placed an order for eight more Boeing 767 freighters. The additional eight aircraft will bring the airline’s fleet of 767s to 108. The aircraft will be delivered incrementally starting in 2025. The airline will also receive a 767 freighter conversion by the end of 2023. UPS placed the last order for the 767 in December 2021. This seemed to be the end for the 767, as Boeing showed no signs of continuing the project. This latest order has stretched the aircraft’s life further. Boeing has stated that it now intends to produce 767 freighters for decades to come.


Freighter’s ordered

Boeing will produce eight additional 767 freighters for UPS in the coming years. The recent order will expand the airline’s fleet of 767s from 100 to 108. This builds on the airline’s order placed in December 2021 for 19 767 freighters. It will also receive an older passenger 767, converted to a freighter. This aircraft is expected to be delivered by the end of 2023. The deliveries from this most recent order will begin in 2025. Within a decade, the airline would have added 28 767 freighters to its fleet of 80.

Boeing will deliver the freighters incrementally beginning in 2025. Photo: Riley Pickett I Simple Flying

The 767 is a versatile widebody capable of carrying up to 52.4 tons of cargo. Coupled with its extended range capabilities, it makes an excellent freighter that the airline utilizes in every corner of the globe. The UPS Executive Vice President and President of the US region, Nando Cesarone, stated,

“The additional 767s will help us continue to deliver what matters to UPS customers around the world. This is a very versatile aircraft that we operate across every region of the globe,

“With these aircraft, our fleet will continue to be among the most modern in our industry, meeting our customers’ needs while improving our efficiency, sustainability and reliability.”

The Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Ihssane Moonir, said,

“This repeat order from UPS is a testament to the outstanding cargo capabilities of the 767 Freighter and demonstrates furthers Boeing’s market leadership in the freighter segment,”

Growing market

Orders for the 767 variants slowed significantly in the past two decades. Last year UPS placed what many thought would be the final order for the 767. In the past two decades, Boeing has diverted its attention to other projects instead of the 767. The lack of orders plus the diverted attention are the primary reasons why many speculated that the 767 is near the end of its life. Years earlier, Boeing halted production of the 757 after orders slowed. This is another reason it seemed as though the manufacturer would cease production of the 767.

Air Cargo revenue has doubled since before the pandemic. Photo: Riley Pickett I Simple Flying

Since this last order, Boeing has shared its intentions of continuing to produce freighters for years to come. It anticipates that the industry will need an additional 2,795 more freighters throughout the next two decades. Air Cargo demand is higher than ever and continues to grow alongside international e-commerce. Revenue from air cargo has doubled in the past three years alone. The 767 has been one of Boeing’s most successful freighters. It would make sense for the manufacturer to continue making this aircraft for decades to meet this growing demand.

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