What is Turner really doing?

What is Turner really doing?

As we close out day 50 of our Big Brother 24 live feed coverage (pending some big surprise), it might be useful to have a talk about Turner. After all, what exactly is he trying to do in the game this week?

What we’ve seen over the past 24 hours is a good chunk of the fan base go against the guy, and a lot of it is the perception of him siding with Kyle, Terrance, and Alyssa over Joseph. We get the frustration: Joseph is an incredible houseguest and seems like a pretty-good dude. We’re bummed he doesn’t seem to be lasting longer. (We haven’t seen a serious conversation yet where Terrance and Turner seem to be debating this decision — they really control the vote since Alyssa is obviously keeping Kyle.)

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This situation is tough to read since we haven’t received feeds for all of it, but here is some of what we think is going on here: Turner seems to know that Terrance has his mind made up. He may recognize that trying to convince him otherwise won’t do him any good, and he has time to play the middle right now. When they go back into the house tomorrow, he has two options: Either he can go along with the ruse that it was Joseph who outed the Leftovers (which is what Kyle wants to do), or he can tell the other players the truth. He may base it on who wins Head of Household next. Kyle is going to be a big target moving forward and that bides him some time. He may very well tell the likes of Taylor and Michael that he wanted to keep Joseph but there was no point, since he didn’t have the numbers.

Is playing the middle a good short-term strategy for Turner? Sure, but he needs to really get his hands dirty soon if he wants to have a chance at winning.

We do feel a ton for Joseph in general: He’s campaigned well, made good points, and was utterly screwed by this twist. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes on Big Brother, but we do legitimately think he’ll be on CBS again beyond this season.

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